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Band & Orchestra Rental Program Terms & Conditions

All rental instruments have been carefully pre-serviced and are in perfect playing order before being rented. Your acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms and conditions on the submitted rental application (on CosmoMusic.ca) makes you responsible for the return of the instrument in good working condition excluding normal wear and tear.

The Person Renting Hereby Agrees:

  • That care of the rented instrument is the responsibility of the renter and that they shall bear full responsibility for any and all damage occasioned by the instrument during the rental period, reasonable wear and tear excepted, and shall pay any/all costs not covered by the Cosmo Music Protection Plan selected.

  • Consumable supplies required, beyond what is initially provided with the instrument, must be supplied/purchased by the renter (i.e. reeds, strings, lubricants, swabs, etc.).

  • That at the end of the initial rental term (and each subsequent term), the contract will automatically be extended for the same rental period and charged accordingly on the payment card provided, until the instrument is returned to Cosmo Music. If the rented instrument is then returned before the extended due date, the fee will be adjusted to reflect the applicable rental rate.

  • All rental instruments are to be returned directly to Cosmo Music Company Ltd. Do not return your instrument to the school (unless otherwise directed by Cosmo Music). All transportation costs are the responsibility of the person renting.

  • That all parts and accessories originally in the case must be returned or paid for at the end of the rental period.

  • To notify Cosmo Music Company Ltd. within 15 days of any change of address, phone number, school, or any other change in the account status.

  • That refunds, where applicable, will be calculated based on our published rental rates. A one-month minimum charge applies.

  • That in the event of a default in any rental payment, Cosmo Music Company Ltd. has the right to repossess the instrument immediately and the person renting agrees to relinquish possession of the instrument to Cosmo Music Company Ltd. and/or its agents.

  • To be responsible for and further to indemnify and save harmless Cosmo Music Company Ltd. for any and all costs of repossession of the instrument if any proceedings of any nature or kind whatsoever are required to repossess the instrument.

  • Cosmo Music Company Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the rental contract at any time due to excessive damage caused to the instrument by malicious use. This is at the discretion of the Cosmo Music service department.

Purchase Option


50% of the rental payments (up to 2 years, on a continuous contract) may be applied towards the purchase of the rental instrument or a new model of the same instrument (equivalent or upgraded) at any time during the open term of the contract.

Bonus Offer

During the first 90 days of the rental contract, 100% of the rental payments may be applied towards the purchase of the rental instrument or a new model of the same instrument (equivalent or upgraded).

NOTE: Offer expires upon return of the rental instrument and may not be combined with discounts accumulated on prior or future rental contracts. Rental purchase discounts are applicable to the regular selling price of an instrument and may not be combined with any other special offer or sale price.

Standard Protection Plan (included)


Repairs required due to normal wear and tear are covered free of charge. 75% of the repair costs are covered should the instrument be damaged. The renter is responsible for the remaining 25%. Note that basic maintenance tasks such as lubrication and swabbing are the responsibility of the renter.

Loss or Theft

In the event that the rental instrument is lost or stolen, the renter is responsible only for the deductible amount listed below rather than the full replacement cost (note that instruments range in value from $300 to $5000).

Deductibles (HST additional)

  • Snare Drum, Percussion Kit, Acoustic/Classical Guitar, Amplifier: $75

  • Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar: $100

  • Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Bass/Electric Guitar with Practice Amplifier: $150

  • Piccolo, Trumpet, Trombone, Orchestra Bells, Viola $175

  • Drum Kit (5 piece), Digital Piano: $275

  • Alto Saxophone: $350

  • Tenor Saxophone, Oboe, Valve Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium, Cello: $450

  • Alto Clarinet, Single French Horn, Bass Trombone: $550

  • Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet: $625

  • Double Bass, Double French Horn, Tuba: $750

  • Bassoon, Baritone Saxophone: $950

Deluxe Protection Plan (optional at $2 per month)

For only $2 per month ($20 per school year) our Deluxe Protection Plan will cover the full repair or replacement cost of the instrument if damaged, lost or stolen – no deductible will apply.

Claims (applicable to Standard & Deluxe Protection Plans)

  • Damage caused maliciously or by negligence is excluded from coverage (at the discretion of the Cosmo Music Service Department.

  • All losses must be reported to the police and Cosmo Music immediately. A police report # and officer badge # must be provided to Cosmo Music before a replacement instrument will be provided.

  • Instrument accessories such as mouthpieces, ligatures, caps and neck straps are excluded from coverage.