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Band & Orchestra Rental Program

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Why share a school instrument with several other students when you can have your own available for practice 24/7?

Cosmo Music's School Band & Orchestra Musical Instrument Rental Program is one of the largest in Canada with over 11,000 rental instruments in our fleet. Service is our number one priority; we pride ourselves in the way we take care of our customers, from individuals to school rental programs. We are dedicated to supporting music educators in building strong programs so that students experience a rewarding musical education.

Rental Terms & Conditions

Some Great Reasons to Rent

  • Low monthly and school year rates provide an affordable option to introduce students to a musical instrument before committing to purchasing. Purchasing options are available.

  • Renting provides the student with the advantage of learning on a top-performing musical instrument.

  • The student will always have an instrument available for regular practice - a must when learning to play!

  • Renting eliminates the need to share a school instrument.

Why we are #1 in Schools Across Ontario

  • Extensive musical instrument rental inventory of thousands of instruments available to outfit programs of any size.

  • Top brand name rental instruments such as Yamaha, Armstrong, Selmer, Bach, Conn & King - approved and recommended by teachers.

  • Free repairs/adjustments as required due to normal wear and tear.

  • Summer use included upon renewal of your school year contract.

  • Free Standard Protection Plan to help cover the cost due to loss, theft or serious damage to the instrument (refer to the back of the rental contract for details).

  • Deluxe Protection Plan (optional) for only $2/month or $20/school year; we will cover the full repair or replacement cost of the rental instrument if damaged, lost or stolen - no deductible will apply (refer to the back of the rental contract for more details).

For Music Directors & Teachers

  • Free Delivery and Pick-Up of instrument rentals and repairs for school programs throughout Toronto and extensive surrounding area.

  • Professional Consultants available to assist with the set-up and maintenance of your program through regular visits.

  • Custom instrument rental packages designed for your specific needs.

  • Effective administration saves your valuable time with our well-organized and thorough approach.

For Parents & Students

Purchase Option
50% of the first two years of rental payments (on a continuous contract) may be applied towards the purchase of the rental instrument or a new instrument (equivalent or upgraded) of the same type at any time during the open term of the contract.

Bonus Offer
During the first 90 days of the rental contract, 100% of the rental payments may be applied towards the purchase of the rental instrument or a new instrument (equivalent or upgraded) of the same type. Rental purchase discounts are applicable to the regular selling price of an instrument and may not be combined with any other special offer or sale price. Offer expires upon return of the rental instrument and may not be combined with discounts accumulated on prior or future rental contracts.

Instruments Available for Rent


  • Bassoons

  • Clarinets - Bb (standard), Alto, or Bass

  • Flutes - with or without Curved Headjoints

  • Oboes

  • Piccolos

  • Saxophones - Alto, Tenor, Soprano, or Baritone


  • Violins - 4/4, 3/4, /4, 1/8, 1/10, and 1/16 Sizes

  • Violas - 16', 15 1/2', 15', and 14' Sizes

  • Cellos - 4/4 and 3/4 Sizes

  • Double Basses - Orchestra Model & Jazz Model with Pickup

Guitars & Amplifiers

  • Guitars - Acoustic (Steel String), Classical (Nylon String), Electric or Bass

  • Guitar & Practice Amp Packages - Electric or Bass


  • Baritones

  • Euphoniums - 3 Value (standard) and 4 Valve

  • French Horns - Single (standard) and Double

  • Trombones - Tenor (standard), Valve, 'F' Rotor & Bass

  • Trumpets

  • Tubas - 3 Valve (standard) and 4 Valve


  • Drum Kit - 5 Piece (complete with Cymbals, Hardware, Throne, and Cases)

  • Snare Drum Kit (with Case and Stand)

  • Orchestra Bells

  • Percussion Kit (includes Bell Kit, Practice Pad, and Stands)


  • Digital Pianos