Laney Digbeth Bass Amps Demo Review with Big Mikey C

Laney Digbeth Bass Amps Demo Review with Mikey C at Cosmo Music, 2023

Heritage Meets Innovation

When history is calling, Laney is there to answer. The Laney Digbeth Bass Amps line featuring the DB500H, DBV212-4, and DB200-210 offers a modern take on classic bass amp sounds. Laney has been producing quality amps since Lyndon Laney started in 1967. Over 50 years later, the newly branded Digbeth line is proud to celebrate that heritage. With various amps, cabinets, and heads, there’s something to work for the beginner or the seasoned pro. Features on the bass amps like the 2 blendable channels with effective tube emulation, a huge range of tonal options, and the incredibly useful tilt feature, were all designed to make bass players’ lives easier.

Control wise this head is very cool because it has a solid-state section and a tube section which can be overdriven. As well, it's got bass-mid which is also a selectable-mid which we will talk about soon!
Michael Cybulskie (A.K.A Big Mikey C), Cosmo Music Bass Brand Ambassador
Laney Digbeth Bass Amps
About Michael "Big Mikey C "Cybulskie

About Michael "Big Mikey C "Cybulskie

Meet Michael Cybulskie, A.K.A. Big Mikey C, a pro with 32 years industry experience as Educational Print Music Specialist. But don't let his title fool you! Big Mikey C has been with the Cosmo Team since 2017 and has played bass guitar professionally for over 35 years. He has experience with 6 string fretted bass, fretless electric bass, and also acoustic bass. Yes, Big Mikey C can slap some serious bass.

A huge fan of Elvis Presley, Big Mikey C has played everywhere from smoky bars, gymnasiums, ballrooms, theatres, and concert stages. He's also had the opportunity to do some teaching as well and prepare students for college and university programs. His Instagram description says it all: the most dangerous and funky bass player under 5ft tall.

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Laney Digbeth FET/TUBE Bass Amp Head

Laney Digbeth FET/TUBE Bass Amp Head

The Laney Digbeth DB500H celebrates their heritage in bass. Packed with vintage appeal and ultra-modern functionality, the DB500H gives the modern bass player a range of FET and Tube tones not previously available in a compact, powerful and portable bass amp.

Key Specs

  • 500 Watts RMS
  • FET & TUBE preamp sections - foot switchable
  • Mixable FET & TUBE preamp sections
  • 3 band EQ
  • Selectable MID pre-shape EQ curves
  • TILT 'EQ Seesaw' function
  • XLR Balanced DI out Pre/Post selectable
  • 6.35mm phones out with level control
  • 3.5mm stereo Aux IN - with level
Laney DBV212-4 Digbeth Bass Cabinet

Laney Digbeth DBV212-4 Bass Amp Cabinet

The DBV212-4 is a powerful, dynamic, compact mid-sized cabinet loaded with a pair of vertically aligned 2x12” vintage voiced HH Black Label series ceramic drivers. Designed to accentuate the punch and tone of its ceramic drivers and move some serious air, the DBV212-4 may have a small footprint but its pro performance is anything but small. Equally at home or on stage or studio gig, the DBV212-4 delivers masses of punchy warm vintage tone. The DBV212-4 matches with either the DB500H or DB200H Digbeth heads.

Key Specs

  • 500 Watts
  • 2 X 12” HH Black Label Ceramic Drivers
  • 1" LaVoce DF10 Compression Driver
  • Compression driver on/off
  • Compression driver full/half
  • 4 Ohms
  • Combi Socket (Speakon compatible twist and 6.3MM jack)
  • Side mounted grab handles
Laney Digbeth DB200-210 Bass Combo

Laney Digbeth DB200-210 Bass Combo

The Digbeth DB200-210 combo offers vintage appeal and ultra-modern functionality in a compact format. The DB200-210 delivers a range of FET & Tube tones not previously available, in a super compact, powerful and portable bass amp. Utilize important FX loops to add effects to the signal path in a specific place between the pre-amp and the output section on an amplifier.

  • 200 Watts RMS
  • 2 x 10" HH Blue label woofers
  • 1" LaVoce Compression Driver
  • FET & TUBE preamp sections - footswitch able
  • Mixable FET & TUBE preamp sections
  • Selectable MID pre-shape EQ curves
  • TILT 'EQ Seesaw' function
  • XLR Balanced DI out Pre/Post selectable
  • 3.5mm phones out
  • 3.5mm stereo Aux IN

Video Transcript

Hey everybody Big Mikey C here at Cosmo Music. Glad to be back to shoot another video. Today's theme, what I've been wanting to do for a while is to show some love to our friends at Laney Amplification with some great bass amps.

For today I've chosen two rigs on the left of me the DB 210 combo, the head is actually based on the DB Digbeth 200 head and on the right of me have the big boy, the db500 head and the dv212 cab. This is actually the rig of Nathan East. Getting all Fanboy here, but a big fan of Nathan Mann, but he's actually, become a brand new endorsee for Laney. He joined the Laney family I believe in April of last year so here we have the Digbeth 500 head.

Digbeth is actually a County or town in Birmingham England it's actually where Mr. Laney is from. Not want to get really Wikipedia on you but Mr. Laney started the company in 66 because he was needing a base amp for a gig that he was doing and he had the opportunity to play with a bunch of kind of "has-been guys." You know, not well known. Well, it turns out he had the option to either work on his company or to go and join the band and he chose his company. It turns out the band was…Led Zeppelin.

Anyways he did quite well because Laney is a very well-respected amp company in the industry. So anyways control wise this head is very cool because it has a solid-state section and a tube section which can be overdriven. As it's got base mid which is also a selectable mid which we will talk about soon. It's got a level as well a treble and a tilt feature and what the actual tilt feature does it's what's considered a seesaw EQ. It's kind of like a sweep able mid to either a treble side or a base side with a little treble clef or the bass clef so it's extremely versatile. You can get a multitude of the sounds out of this head, and it's also matched with a 2 by 12 cab speaker. It is in a vertical design and the speakers are Black Label. Oh, crap I didn't understand that Google…. are you going to leave that in?

Power rating wise we have a 500 watt head at four ohms so you're basically getting the full power of the cab because it is a four ohm load cab. All the cabs in the Laney line are all four ohms, they have variations of different cabs from a 212 a 410 an 810 but I just I'm a I'm a 12s guy I really prefer 12s so and also because it's Nathan's rig that's why I picked it. Anyways all the cabs and heads in the lineup and the smaller brother took this to 200 are both four ohms and they're matching. So you're basically getting the full wattage of the head.

So, let's check this out now and why don't we just try and build a sound. So right now we've just got the solid state happening, we don't have the tube engaged, decent sound and even…so for slap it's not bad. So here what we can do now is we can play with the tilt so right now I have it set at 12 o'clock so let's say if we wanted just to slightly variance that and let's see let's just change a different mid setting.

Let's just turn up the bass a little bit so we're still going to be in solid state mode we haven't added no tube yet. So, let's now change up more to the treble side. (Music Plays) Cool I'm favoring more to the bass side personally my well that's just personal preference and let me just go back to the mid setting I had.

We've got a pretty good solid-state sound so now why don't we just add the tube. So actually it's a little hot so I'm going to turn on turn down my bass a little bit. So now we have the option of either turning up or turning down the solid state and the same thing, turning up or turning down the tube. So right now I don't have the solid state very loud so I'm just going to turn it up slightly and I'm just going to add a little… (music plays). So cool and even finger style wise… (Music Plays). Pretty cool so that's with solid state and tube.

So now we're going to turn the tube off… (Music Plays). So, it's just like a little bit it's more of a warmer sound with the tube engaged so let's just maybe just play a little bit with it on and with it off. I've got a little My Little Drummer here set up virtually. So now let's turn on the two and do the same thing.

So cool, I like both I'm kind of favoring. more of the tube just to be totally Honest. So let's try one more example and change it up just a little bit as well so what I've done now is I've actually turned the solid state totally off and we're just going with the tube. So, I'm going to do a little strut.

So just a quick shout out today's test base is from a dear friend of mine, George Vasilio who is an actual technician and luthier on our staff here at Cosmo Music. He has a company called GV Instruments and this is a very special instrument that he's created called the Apollo 5 string. And it's aptly known as the fireball base for this beautiful fireball inlay. Really cool.

So, the DB200-210 combo is a great little brother to this big brother here. It's a great alternative for guys who really don't want to carry around this massive rig. The head section is exactly identical to the 500 head. The only difference being 200 Watts. But it would be 200 Watts at 4 Ohms so feature wise it's exactly the same as this head. It has the seesaw tilt; it has the solid state FET and tube combination you can switch between either or have just the one.

As I said with this one I actually personally like both of them on at the same time so uh we just played a little example here hearing it so pretty well. Sound Wise It's very similar to this guy (previous amp).

Hey big Mikey C here please feel free to check out these great amps from Laney and other cool Bass Gear at and please don't forget to hit like and subscribe. Until next time keep safe and play more things!

About Laney Amplification

Laney Amplification was founded in 1967 by Lyndon Laney while playing bass guitar in Band of Joy. Lyndon's intense interest in electronics, combined with a tight budget to purchase a proper amplifier, led to building what would become the first Laney amp in his father's garage. Little did he know that the amp he made was the start of a long journey, a journey spanning over 50 years and every continent on the planet. As word spread of the tone supplied by Lyndon's amplifiers, he was able to grow the brand through partnerships. None larger than Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath. .

When the Laney signature tone was heard on Black Sabbath's seminal debut album in 1970, demand became too high for the new company's manufacturing facilities. Today, Laney Amplification is the premiere British designer and manufacturer of guitar amplifiers, bass guitar amplifiers, cabinets, and public address systems. Laney Amplification does not sell directly to the public, dealing with distributors and retailers.

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